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Wheat.Effektive diet.


Duration of the diet-3 days

The results of the diet-lost 4, 4 pounds

You need 500 gr. of wheat for these days

How do you cook the wheat?

Clean the wheat well, later on - wash it. Boil 500 gr. of wheat in 2-3 liters of water. Let it boil 10-15 minutes. After that remove from the fire and leave it to stew under the cover to make the effect stronger, put the piece of cloth on it.

Eat one big cup of ready wheat 3 times a day. Remember to put 1 teaspoon of honey in each cup before consumption.


The wheat cooked in that way will be enough for 3-4 days.

What is allowed during the wheat diet?

.  coffee,

. tea,

. fresh milk,

. water from boiled wheat,

. mineral water.

All other things are forbidden.

You may eat 1-2 not peeled apples a day.

Drink much water so as avoid constipation.

In order not to get the opposite effect, after finishing the diet, limit taking the meals and eat 5 times a day.

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