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  • One-month diet

30-day diet-the first 10 days

The smoked and salty meat, sausages, bread (except the granular one), sweet things (except little dry fruits), potatoes, alcohol, paste products are absolutely forbidden. The caloricity of the meals is to 2000 calories daily.

Breakfast: 2 bananas, 1 cup of kefir

Lunch: 1 light vegetable soup, 100 gr. of chicken or fish  steam-cooked with the garnish from stewed vegetables.

Afternoon breakfast: 1 slice of granular bread, greased with the cottage cheese, a small amount of dry fruits

Dinner: 100 gr. of cheese, 1 slice of granular bread

If you can’t sleep, drink a glass of fresh milk with little honey

 30-day diet-the second 10 days

The diet becomes   stricter. During the first 10 days the intestines are cleansed from toxins and spare water. Now you must eat mainly fruits, stewed vegetables, nuts and low-fat dairy products. The caloricity of meals is to 1200 calories daily.

Breakfast: alternates during the day time-1 fruit salad with kefir or omelette from 2 eggs in Teflon pan, without fat.

Lunch: 1 vegetable soup, 100 gr. of boiled fish, 1 slice of granular bread

Afternoon breakfast: 30 gr. of nuts, 1 carrot

Dinner: 200 gr. of stewed vegetables

If you can’t sleep, drink a glass of fresh milk with honey

30-day diet-the third 10 days

The diet  for restoration of the organism. The general attention is paid to the water-salty balance and minerals, which are disappearing during the diet. The caloricity increases a little, but the amount of foods is slightly down in order to reduce the volume of the stomach. The caloricity of meals is to 1500 calories.

Breakfast: scalded porridge from dry plums and a handful of raisins poured in water from the evening with ½ tablespoon of honey. In the morning 3-4 nuts and 50 gr. of boiled oat bran are added. Every day breakfast must consist of this porridge.

Lunch: 1 big  salad, 200 gr. of boiled or roast meat, 1 slice of granular bread

Afternoon  breakfast: alternates every other day-1 banana and 1 glass of fresh milk or 1 slice of granular bread with jam

Dinner: alternates every other day the dinners of the first and second decades.

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