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The most characteristic symptoms of ulcers are pain and steaming behind the chest bone and more seldom vomiting and haemorrhage. The pain can appear after nutrition (to 1-2 hours), but more often is the late pain-about 3 hours after nutrition.

Ulcers are taking chronically and go on for years. But at strict keeping of the right regime of life and nutrition, it can be cured and even treated fully.


The diet is the main element in the complex treatment of ulcers:

. The separate dishes must not irritate neither with its physical qualities (solidity, temperature), nor by its chemical way (sour, salty, hot) because it excites the stomach secretion and can aggravate the complaints.

. You must not use rough fruits and vegetables in uncooked condition: cucumbers, radishes, peppers, cabbage, turnip, carrots, hard apples and pears, quinces etc. They may be eaten boiled, baked and strained. During the periods out of fits these foods may be consumed fine grated.

. The fruits and vegetables rich in cellulose husks, fibers and seeds (tomatoes, peaches, pears) must be peeled or strained if necessary.

. The infusions of some sereals  (rice, corn, barley), which are used for so-called mucous soups, desserts etc., have a good influence on the mucous membrane of the stomach and the duodenum.

. The cabbage juice is useful, it is rich in anti-ulcer substance. The strained foods, boiled and baked vegetables and fruits have a good effect.

. The dairy products, eggs, meat and fish in a sufficient quantity make the restoration processes easier.  Especially it concerns the peptic ulcer.

. The frequent nutrition is recommended-breakfast, the second breakfast, lunch, afternoon breakfast and dinner.

. The diet must depend on the phase of disease. When there are crises only the liquid dishes must be offered. At improving to the liquid foods are gradually added bread, biscuits, mince, vegetable and fruit purees. At recovering the diet must be varied but in the circle of the allowed foods.

The allowed foods: milk and cream-soups, cream, cottage cheese, fresh cheese, butter, olive oil, sesame oil, soft-boiled eggs, boiled veal, boiled or grilled pork and beef, chicken, white poultry, white river or sea fish, bread (it may be granular but not brown), rusks, biscuits, purees from vegetables ( carrots, potatoes, sweet peppers), tomato puree, well-ripe tomatoes without seeds and husks, fruit juices ( from strawberries, cherries, sweet apples, apricots, sweet water pears, oranges , lemons and others), oatmeal porridge, lightly-sweetened compotes, starched desserts, milky and vanilla cream, some seasonings-parsley, dill, cumin, savory, honey bee ( some patients with ulcer can’t bear it).

Forbidden foods: alcohol, strong black tea, coffee, chocolate, fizzy and sour mineral waters, fried dishes,  savoury sauces, raw and hard fruits, jams and confectionary, raw vegetables, bean dishes( bean, peas, broad beans), salty vegetable tins, pickles, preserved salty foods, onion, garlic, mushrooms, brown bread, maize, some spices-black pepper, hot black pepper, mustard and others.




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