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We offer you a summer fruity diet, which is tasty, it sates and also helps to lose weight from 6,6  to 15,4 lb  per week.

The first day-tea, fruit juice and water

During the first day you stress on tea, fruit juices and water. This combination cleanses the organism and it gives a good start for getting slim. Simultaneously the body will get enough vitamins, fibers and mineral substances. Add fruit and yogurt to the liquids.


Avoid coffee and black tea because caffeine leads to the excretion of water from the organism.

Breakfast: A cocktail from kiwi and banana.

Strain 2 kiwis, a small banana and some juice from freshly squeezed oranges.

Lunch: Blueberry cocktail.

Strain 200 gr. of blueberries with 200 gr. of whey.

Dinner: An apricot or a peach.

Strain a middle-sized apricot or a peach with 200 gr. of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.  In the end add 100 ml. of mineral water to the mixture and stir it.

The second day-apples

Breakfast: Apples and pears.

Strain a small pear and 1 apple with 200 gr.  yogurt.

Pour it into the cocktail glass and add 100 gr. of mineral water.

Lunch: Apple-ginger compote.

Cut 1 apple in a bowl and pour on 120 ml. of apple juice.

Add the slice of fresh ginger, 1 tea spoon of sugar and a pinch of chilli. Boil 7 minutes.

Dinner: Salad from apples and dill.

Stir 50 gr.  rucola and a middle-sized big apple, cut in cubes.

The third day-strawberries

Breakfast: Strawberries with yogurt.

Smash 100 gr. of strawberries with yogurt and a pinch of cinnamon.

Lunch: Strawberry salad.

Boil 1 spoon of vegetable oil, 2 spoons of balsamic vinegar, 1 spoon of honey and 2 spoons of orange juice.

After cooling the mixture, pour it on 200 gr. of strawberries and sprinkle it with grated ginger.

Dinner: Strawberry sorbet.

Strain 100 gr. of strawberries with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 spoon of orange juice.

The fourth day-water-melon

Except the water-melon you can eat some  brown bread and drink  some mineral water and tea without a sweetener during this day.

 Pay attention to the ginger tea, which calms the stomach down and  helps to keep flatulence.

You can make some tea from fresh roots of ginger, cutting in slices.

Drink 1 gulp of this tea every 30 minutes.

Breakfast: A water-melon with the cottage cheese.

Cut half of a small water-melon in slices and mix them with 100 gr. of cottage cheese and 1 spoon of smashed  pistachio seeds.

Lunch: Water-melon soup.

Strain the internal part of a small water-melon with a spoon of lemon juice. Add 6 spoons of yogurt, salt and pepper for your taste, cool the mixture and sprinkle some mint.

Dinner:  a water-melon with a cucumber.

Cut the half of water-melon and half of a cucumber, put 100gr. of yogurt, add some lemon juice, coriander, salt and pepper for your taste.

The fifth day-cherries

Breakfast: Cherry cocktail.

Strain 300 gr. of cherries with 150 gr. of cottage cheese and 4 spoons of milk.

Lunch: cherries with yogurt.

Stir 500 gr. of cherries, a glass of yogurt, 2 spoons of cream and 1 spoon of honey.

Dinner: Cherry salad.

Pour juice of half orange on 300 gr. of cherries, add a stick of fresh mint and sprinkle one finger of cottage cheese above it.

The sixth day-a pine-apple

Breakfast: a pine-apple with cottage cheese.

Cut a half of pine-apple in cubes and stir them with 200 gr. of low-fatted cottage cheese  and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Lunch: A pine-apple salad.

Cut a half of a pine-apple and 1 banana. Make the dressing for the salad,  mixing 1 spoon of lemon juice , 1 spoon of honey, salt and pepper for your taste.

Dinner: A pine-apple karpacho.

Cut the pine-apple in thin slices. Pour them on syrup made from 50 ml. of orange juice, 1 tea-spoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.

The seventh day-rice

For the whole day boil 200 gr. of rice and share it into 3 portions-for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can eat 250 gr. of fruit by your choice.

Except this, drink mineral water and tea how much you want. During the rice day you can drink whey too, it is known as a natural means for beautification.




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