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We’ll start from one prophylactic procedure-cleansing of the kidneys and the whole organism. We’ll suggest some pleasant methods for that:

To enforce a circulation of the lymph and take out the precipitation, you need to drink about 3 liters of liquid a day. It is recommended to drink except pure water and fresh juices –

Apple, grapes, carrot.


The water-melon is very useful for kidneys, but it’s clear that the water-melon is a season fruit. That’s why use the summer and during a couple of weeks eat water-melons with brown bread. If kidneys are your weak place, it is really very important to keep the rational diet.

The physician recommends a special healing diet at serious kidney diseases. Anyway, there are common recommendations for patients with problematic kidneys, when one principle is kept- frequent eating in small portions.

If you are on the first stage of chronic phlogistic diseases such as glomerulinephritis, nephrozonephritis, pyelitis, pyelonephritis, then kidneys are still capable to take the toxic substances out of the organism.

But a prolonged   disease destroys kidney functions and can lead to the chronic renal disorder. Then this organ can’t do its functions and this leads to the poisoning of the organism. In order not to allow it you need

 avoid  beef, pork and mutter

And don’t touch a morsel of meat when you have a change for the worse. It is not recommended, even it is not allowed, all things which are fried, hot, smoked and preserved as well as fizzy drinks, strong coffee and chocolate. Alcohol is categorically forbidden. The contra-indications for patients with renal disorder are those vegetables which contain a big amount of essential oils. These are green onion, onion, turnip, radishes, celery, asparagus, sorrel and spinach.

The most useful foods for kidney problems

The most useful dishes as “the first” are dairy, fruit and vegetable soups with groats. If you don’t have a change for the worse, 2 times a week as “a second” dish you may cook the dish from chicken, fish, rabbit, defatted veal. Groats,  macaroni products and vegetables are for dressing. The vegetable, dairy or cream sauces are suitable as seasoning.

You need to include more vegetables, fresh salads as well as fruits, mainly blueberries when you have kidney disease. Don’t forget wheat sprouts as well as sour-milk products. The most useful vegetables are cucumbers, vegetable marrow, pumpkin, carrots and cauliflower. Potatoes too, especially baked. Eat dry fruits, especially apricots. It is recommended to use only plant oils-olive oil, vegetable oil, soya oil. If you long for butter, let it be unsalty.


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