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The diet for weight loss with chicken soup (known as chicken diet) includes extremely


strict plan for eating which aims to help losing weight quickly. It is recommended to keep not more than 7 days because the calories are very few and it can challenge the total exhaustion.



It must not frighten you because when it is  used properly, people can lose to 22 lb. for some days. But you must consult your personal physician before starting the diet in order to be sure that you are healthy enough to endure chicken diet.


Carrying out of chicken diet

Begin the day with one of five breakfasts allowed from this diet

1. A glass of fatless kefir, 200 gr. of fruit, wheat germ

2. 150 gr. of cheese with half of teaspoon of sugar and some cinnamon; 3 figs; 2 toasts of brown bread

3. 1 glass of nuts or seeds; half glass oh fatless kefir; half glass of orange juice

4. Half glass of plum juice; 100 gr. of low-fatted cheese

5. 1-2 glasses of boiled grains, a glass of fatless milk

Cooking of chicken soup

One cooks chicken soup in the first day. Warm some olive oil in a big pot. Add some celery, parsnip, turnip, hot pepper, garlic, salt. Cook about 15 minutes on the middle fire, while vegetables become soft. After that add some chicken bouillon and a chicken,  boiled in advance. Put some carrots, broccoli, spinach, onion, dill and other vegetables. Let them boil  and  then go on cooking for 10 minutes.

How to eat during chicken diet

Eat cooked soup so often how much you want during seven days. In the morning it is necessary to have one of five offered breakfasts in order to get other nutritive substances. After breakfast you don’t have a right to eat something except the soup. Drink also much water or lightly sweetened tea. It is good to buy some vitamins because this diet doesn’t have enough all useful substances.



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