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When are quick diets suitable?

They are suitable in the cases when you need to lose a few lb. –to 10 lb., but you don’t want to change your nutritive habits for a long time.

However, you must know that they can’t be kept very often and if you use them too much, you will surely harm your health.

The regimes with strict nutritive limitations stress the body because their frequent usage can have the opposite effect –the signals that the cells are hungry are sent to the brain, it produces hormones which make the metabolism slow and thus the slimming stops. And even worse-the kilograms begin to store up because everything you had eaten after the diet, would be stored up as a reserve for the next “hungry” days. This is so-called a”yo-yo” effect.

When wouldn’t quick diets be harmful?

Getting thin with quick diets wouldn’t be harmful if you didn’t overdo it and didn’t aim speedy melting of a big quantity of kilograms. The specialists accept the loss of 9 lb. a month or 2 lb. a week. It doesn’t stress the body.

When do you use quick diets?

The purpose of slimming, in fact, is to lose spare fat. However, in case of quick taking in at the waist, one loses more water and that’s why the effect is brief. Anyway, these regimes make the perfect job, if you expect an event and you want to lose 6-7 lb., rid of a swollen   belly and get the self-confidence. Do these diets not more than once in two months alternating them. Using different regimes, the body won’t erect the protective mechanism with slow metabolism.

What can quick slimming get to?

The quick taking down of muscles except fat depots begins at the quick slimming. The body relaxes. This happens because suddenly, strongly and quickly, the energetic accept is limited.

The lack of vitamins is reflected on our beauty. The skin becomes dry, flabby, dehydrated. The color of the skin is changed, it loses its healthy look. The nails become breakable and soft.

The hair is torn in pieces , even the strong loss of hair can happen.

There is a reflection on the health as well –there can be strong headaches, concentration is being lost, insomnia appears, sometimes- memory disturbance. The working capacity reduces. There are changes in blood circulation and endocrine functions.

The liver becomes vulnerable too. The constipation and even irregular menstruation occur. During a long starving the organism tries to compensate the lack of necessary substances and begins to open up their own proteins.

In order not to reach these side effects it is necessary to look for quick results in slimming not more often than once in two months and the dietetic regimes are alternated.

Here is one quick diet:


This diet will help you to lose about 7 lb. in three days. You mustn’t eat sugar and salt.

09.00-coffee or tea without sugar

11.00-2 boiled eggs

13.00-100 gr. low-fatted cottage cheese

15.00-100 gr. boiled beef

17.00-2 green apples

19.00-1 glass buttermilk




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