Buckwheat-What must we know about it?

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Buckwheat is called “a grain for millions” not in vain because it contains not only vitamins and minerals but  it is suitable food for active sportsmen and for those who keep their body in a good shape. There are some kinds of buckwheat: of long standing, ordinary and Tartar.

The buckwheat feeds skin, hair and nails. It contains organic acids (lemon, apple) and vitamins A, C, PP, P. It is rich in flavonoids which make the processes of getting old slow down.


The ordinary buckwheat is known as well as “grechka”, the name that comes from Russia. It is thought that Motherland of these useful grains is India but they are very popular in Russia.

Origin and history

People began to grow it for the first time 6000 years ago in the South-Eastern Asia. In India the buckwheat is called “black rice” and in other countries it is known as “black wheat”. After the beginning of its mass growing, it quickly becomes one of the most wide-spread foods for poor social circles.

Firstly the buckwheat was the main food for poorer circles of the society.

Another story of this grain food is in France where it was respected because of honey which was made from it and was very delicious and useful in an effective struggle  with colds and flu.

Nutritive composition

100 gram of buckwheat contains proteins (14%), sugar (2-2,5 %), fats (3 %), fibers (1 %), vitamins A,B E and  PP, iron, calcium, iodine, phosphorus , boron, zinc, magnesium as well as organic acids (lemon and apple).Buckwheat is rich in amino acids  and the lack of gluten makes it a suitable food for dietetic regime.

Except a porridge-buckwheat is a good side-dish to soups, meat dishes, fish, vegetables, desserts, milk and fruit.

Buckwheat presents as a component in more soups, dishes and desserts.

Composition and preservation

Buckwheat is sold in the shops in 500 gr. packets. We advise to choose buckwheat with pale color because the one with reddish touch often has a thermal cultivation. When opening the packet of grechka, you’ll feel the smell of mould, it means that it is impossible to cook. Keep this grain food in glass or ceramic vessels.

Healthy use

The high contents of proteins in the buckwheat helps to increase the muscle strength and tenacity, which make it the suitable food for actively sporting people.

Rich in flavonoids it actively struggles with the processes of age in the cells. In one bowl of buckwheat there is about 85 mgr. of magnesium and it is important for prevention of cardio-vascular disease, high cholesterol and hypertonia.

The consummation of buckwheat feeds skin, hair and nails because of the complex of vitamins and mineral substances in it.

The fibers and pectin in the buckwheat help the peristalsis of intenstines.

No doubt that buckwheat is very effective for people with destroyed peristalsis (because of the contents of fibers and pectin) and those who keep the reducing regime of nutrition. Buckwheat is capable to make stable the level of blood sugar.

The rich amount of iron and lecithin improves the functional condition of liver and pancreas and increases resistant forces of the organism.

One must mark the fact that consummation of buckwheat sometimes leads to the allergic reaction.



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