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Effect-about 11 lb.


Duration-5-7 days

Repetition-once a month

Predominate  food-flaxseed



Flaxseed is a fine source of dietetic fibers, omega-3 fatty acids and lignans. Each of these elements contributes to healthy benefits of consuming flaxseed. Flaxseed contains about 20 % proteins, 30 % carbohydrates and over 40 % fats. It is rich in vitamins of group B and minerals.


There are three useful substances in flaxseed:

1.      Fibers (brown covers of seeds), which contain lignines, struggling against breast cancer and prostatic gland. They help the intestine peristalsis and improve the condition of the large intestine and prostatic gland. But we must underline that apart from flaxseed, flax oil doesn’t contain any fibers and very little lignans.

Small amounts of lignans are in the variety of food with vegetal origin.

2.      Mucins –mucous polysaccharides, which are separated from the seed in the first 10 hours from germination. They make soft the micosa of the organism. They make better the function of digestive, respiratory and secretory systems.

3.      Polyunsaturated acids, which reach 73 % in the brown seeds of flax. The organism has no chance to synthesize them, because of it  these acids are accepted as vitamin F.

The flaxseed contains:

     *omega-3 –alpha-linolenic acid (over 50 % of all fats)

     *omega-6-linoleic acid

     *monounsaturated oleic acid

     *saturated palmitic and stearic

 Flaxseed is a brilliant substance for those who want to get thin quickly and easily without harming their health. The seeds of flax are used for medical purposes during the centuries. Drinks, made from them, help in struggling against coughing and bronchitis, also it is a natural expectorant remedy. The scientists say that the drink made from those seeds helps weight loss as well. If you decide to choose this diet, here is how to make the drink at home.

The drink for getting thin with flaxseed

200 gr. flaxseed and boiled water are needed. Pour 1 tablespoon of seeds with 2 glasses of boiled water, put in the thermos flask and leave for a night. In the morning drink ½   glass of the liquid –it will speed metabolism and the process of taking down fats. During the day drink ½ glass of this drink before nutrition. It is not necessary to keep this diet, just eat in the healthy way.

In the beginning it is recommended to drink flax drink during one week. In a month you can lose 5 cm. from your abdomen and 11 lb. from your weight.


During a week you’ll improve your metabolism, you’ll lose piled slags. Spare kilograms will stay in the past without any special pains. You can find flaxseed in each chemist’s store but it is banned for those who have cholecystitis, gastric ulcer  and cholelithiasis. Before starting the diet it is necessary to consult your physician.



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