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Effect-8, 8 lb


Duration-5 days

Repetition-once a month

The predominant food-buckwheat



Buckwheat is effective for losing the weight in the area of hips where many women heap a great amount of fat.

The menu is known with a low content of carbohydrates and a great number of proteins. But carbohydrates in buckwheat are complex and they are hard assimilated by the human organism. It may be a serious defect of the diet. We must also notice that we can’t use salt, butter and any sauces either. The only exception is a soya sauce. You may add some sesame seeds, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds.


The buckwheat diet must be applied after the consultation with the physician if there are some chronic illnesses.

This article has an informative character and it can’t substitute the professional treatment and diagnostics.


*The high content of vitamins of different groups (for example B1,B2,B3,B6,B9, vitamin E and vitamin PP), mineral substances and microelements (as: potassium, led, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, rutin, iodine , manganese, chrome, fluorine, iron and zinc);

*The buckwheat porridge is rich in fibers (one portion contains about 30 % of recommended daily amount).

*The diet helps the organism to lose cholesterol, stimulates the taking heavy metals and toxins out of the body;

* The porridge is assimilated easily by the digestive system, that’s why it is suitable for those who suffer gastritis, pancreatitis, stomach ulcer.

*The vegetable proteins in buckwheat are easily assimilated by the human organism.

How to cook:

The buckwheat or known as grechka must be prepared in advance before cooking the porridge from it. For this aim pour 2 glasses of the boiled water into 1 glass of the product and leave per night.


Breakfast: 1 glass of boiled buckwheat, cooked without any salt and butter, 1 glass of low-fatty kefir. If you feel hungry, you can add 2 slices of bread made from buckwheat;

Lunch: 50 gr. of boiled buckwheat , 1-2 glasses of kefir, 2 dietetic cutlets from buckwheat (cooked thus: boil the porridge, add some soya, mix well, make cutlets and put in the oven for 25 minutes);

Dinner: 70 gr. of boiled buckwheat and 1 glass of buttermilk, one can add any dietetic salad.


The buttermilk can be drunk during the eating and the rest of the day.



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