HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN ONE WEEK.The Diet for the People Working in the Sitting Position

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If your work connected with sitting at the desk the whole day, it inevitably means that you’ll get your weight gradually. In order to avoid this problem, you are recommended to try this diet. It must be kept one week. Choose one of offered variants as you enumerate all of them:

1.      For breakfast:

-cereals snack (30 gr.) with milk

-bread from bran (1 slice), roastеd tomatoes, home-made cheese (1 tablespoon)

-banana sandwich-2 slices of wholemeal bread, one banana cut in slices, 1 tea spoon of natural honey, low-fat yogurt (1 tablespoon), soft cheese ( 1tablespoon)

-bread from bran (1 slice) with margarine, 1 soft-boiled egg, half glass of orange juice

250 calories

2.      Lunch:

-a big portion of salad, orange or apple , a  sandwich with marinated vegetables, pickles (1 tablespoon),50 gr. of cold chicken without skin, low-fat mayonnaise (1 tablespoon),grated Dutch cheese(25 gr.), home-made cheese ( 75 gr.), green onion  and a cucumber cut in tiny pieces

-boiled unpeeled potatoes (200 gr.), a big portion of mixed salad, a glass of dietetic yogurt, 125 gr. of boiled beans or grated Dutch cheese (25 gr.)

250 calories

3.      Dinner:

-low-fat ready dish by your choice , a big portion of salad from different vegetables

-50 gr. of turkey or chicken meat, little sauce, baked potato (75 gr.) or boiled unpeeled (125 gr.) different vegetables

-spaghetti (75 gr.) with a sauce from preserved tomatoes, shrimps (75 gr.) or 100 gr. of boiled chicken , together with a little chicken soup; or lean ham (75 gr.) mixed with a glass of  yogurt and spices, fruit or vegetable salad

400 calories

Desserts, suitable for the diet:

-dry wine-2 glasses

-a peach (naked or usual)

-two big pieces of cake

200 calories




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