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The diet “5 tablespoons” is a balanced system of nutrition. This method for losing weight acts due to the reduction of the amount of food, consumed for one take. The diet helps for effective loss of kilograms and the weight is kept for a long time, because the stomach flexes.

Exactly 5 tablespoons must be the food which leads to the spare kilograms. The amount (quantity) is defined by the European Federation of Associations of Dieticians at XIII international Congress of Dieticians and now it is among the most popular and ithasproved its effective regime.

The researches show that this is the most sensible way for losing weight when not the kind of consumed food is limited but  its amount eaten for one nutrition.

The statistics show that 90% of people suffering obesity have a stomach which is equal to cattle’s by capacity. This pathology is challenged by stretched muscle walls of the stomach which in a healthy condition wouldn’t be more than a human fist. In the connection with physiology the ideal size of the portion is fixed. Thus, the reduction of the fatty tissue is stimulated. 5 tablespoons are enough to sate hunger and give the organism necessary energy. Getting not more than 5 tablespoons of food (or 150 grams) for one take, the stomach begins gradually shrinking.

Any process for losing weight is useless if during the diet, which you keep, the stomach keeps the same capacity that it was when your weight was 20 kilograms more, for example. The organism is made so that you can’t take only carbohydrates or proteins , that is why finishing this or that diet you will be back to your old regime of nutrition  and your favorite products , and in the course of time to your previous weight as well. You can’t eat tasteless dishes all your life which your serial dietary regime contains.

As each method for losing weight which offers correct and mainly long-time loss of weight , the diet “5 tablespoons” changes the physiology of digestion, that leads to the reduction of the capacity of stomach. That’s why it doesn’t depend how many kilograms you lost using this method-5, 10 or 20, you will keep your new weight.


The keeping of the diet is very easy. The system of nutrition is built by easy way but the amount you take for one take mustn’t be more than 5 tablespoons (or 150-200grams).You may eat a piece of cake or a steak , some yoghurt or buckwheat porridge with butter. It is good to limit taking of sweet and paste food.

The number of meals - unlimited.

The capacity of the single portion -5 tablespoons or 150-200 grams of food.

The interval between separate meals-minimum 3 hours.

The allowed drinks are without sugar (tea, coffee, juices, mineral water)-unlimited amounts. The take of fructose is allowed-one teaspoon for one glass of liquid ( 250 ml.)

You can lose 25-45 lb. with this diet. You may use it unlimited time.




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