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The attack (first) phase of the diet

The attack (first) phase of the diet for slimming by Pierre Dukan is an opening stage. It /“surprises”/ your body and allows quick weight loss.

This opening stage can go on from 3 to 10 days; it depends on your will and experience with diet.

During this diet only natural proteins called pure are allowed to be eaten.

These are foods which you can eat:

Meat: veal, beef… (with the exception of fat parts of meat, avoiding pork and lamb)

Poultry (without skin): chicken, turkey (with the exception of duck and goose), legs of poultry

Eggs: if you have high cholesterol, you must be careful   with eating too many yolks.

Fish and sea food: no limitation. You may allow even smoked salmon.

Low oily dairy products: milk, yoghurt (fruit sour milks are not allowed during the attack phase. You can eat to 2 a day during the cruise (second) phase.

Pies: those are allowed which don’t contain sugar and starch. The quantities are limited!

You must drink much water! Not less than 1, 5 litre a day!


Remember: All foods, counted above, can be consumed in a free way.

But those which are not in the list must be excluded from this diet! 


Oat   bran

It will help you to lose weight. Its virtues are confessed by many doctors.

Begin with oat bran from the first day of the diet.

You can have only one daily menu with oat bran. It may be salty or sweet; it depends on what you prefer.

You can try to cook it in different ways: in the oven or microwave. You will find your own way of cooking which satisfies you. You must eat less salt than usually because salt keeps water.

Carry some mineral water with you everywhere.

It is good to take vitamins additionally because your body doesn’t consume any vegetables.

You can drink low-calorie drinks as well. Those are drinks which contain less than 1 calorie per 100 ml. (for example, dietetic coke etc.)

Fill your fridge with protein foods, pointed above, thus you will always know you can rely on qualitative foods! Don’t hesitate to eat something at once after feeling hungry!

It is recommended even if you feel well to make the blood test in some time of starting the diet to be sure everything is alright.

The example of pure protein day from Pierre Dukan Diet

Protein breakfast:

-2 eggs

-1 or 2 fat-free yoghourts

-oat bran

Protein lunch:

-2 pieces smoked salmon

-4 ham rolls from chicken or turkey

-fat-free cottage cheese with artificial sweetener

Protein dinner:

-2 eggs

-grilled chicken

-2 natural yoghourts

The attack (first) phase of the Dukan Diet gives a start to your slimming.


The cruise (second) phase of the Dukan Diet

The cruise phase of Pierre Dukan Diet for weight loss often alternates protein days with days with proteins and vegetables. What is the method?

Example: if you want to lose 10 kg, for example, you choose the scheme 5/5 –five protein days are replaced by 5 days with proteins and vegetables. In other words , you take only proteins for 5 days, then 5 days take proteins and vegetables / fish, chicken, lenten veal –add some vegetables to these meats/, then again 5 protein days /fish, chicken, lenten veal-without vegetables/, thus you go on until reaching the loss of 10 kg.

If kilograms you want to lose are less than 10, then use the scheme 3/3. Three protein days are replaced by three days with proteins and vegetables. It is possible to choose the scheme 1/1 if you feel better with it.

After the attack phase begin the cruise phase during which one alternates protein days with days of proteins and vegetables .You eat the same foods as during the attack phase but you add some vegetables to them.

Go on this phase until you get the desired weight. All kinds of vegetables are acceptable except avocado and artichoke.


The vegetables contained starch such as potatoes, maize, peas are not allowed.

You can combine vegetables with yoghourt sauces.

Go on drinking much water.


-One has to eat carrots once a day because they contain much sugar

-During the protein and vegetable days consume protein food /lenten meat/, together with vegetable food.

-During the protein and vegetable days you will lose less weight but don’t worry; the reason is connected with vegetables. When only protein days come, then the weight loss will be more visible.

The exemplary day of proteins and vegetables

Protein-vegetable breakfast:

-2 eggs

-2 yoghourts

-oat bran

Protein-vegetable lunch:

- a small lettuce and tomato salad

-chicken chest with green beans

-1 fat-free yoghourt

Protein-vegetable dinner:

-2 pieces salmon

-1 piece of beef, spinach

-1 fat-free yoghourt


The consolidation (third ) phase of the Dukan Diet

The consolidation (third) phase Of Dr. Pierre Dukan for weight loss helps the body to adapt  once more to the normal regime of nutrition. Begin to take foods which were not allowed so far, for example:

-  bread, cheese, fruit and foods rich in starch.

- go on eating only protein foods on Thursdays

The consolidation continues 10 days upon each lost kilogram.

For example: if you lost 10 kg and it happened during 6 months , then you must make 200 days of consolidation (20 days /1 kg 20 to 10)

It is not a quick loss of kilograms. This is an essential stage of the program. That’s why it must be done carefully and precisely.

The consolidation gives a chance to keep the weight and adapt the body to it. Thus you avoid the opposite effect at the third phase of the Dukan Diet.

The stabilization (fourth) phase of the Dukan Diet

The stabilization phase of Dr. Pierre Dukan Diet is also very important for keeping the achieved results.

This phase is kept for the whole life and it consists of two rules:


 1.Protein diet every Thursday

This day is important because it helps to balance everything you had eaten in remaining days, because then you eat your favorite dishes without limitation.

2.3 tablespoons of oat bran every day

This oat bran will balance and regulate everything you had eaten in the day time.

The exact observing of all these four stages guarantees the excellent results /enough lost kilograms/at Dr. Pierre Dukan Diet for weight loss.













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