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What are the suitable ways for consumption of oat bran?

Eat oat bran in maximum doses and in any form-in milk or in yoghurt, in dairy products or in the form of pancakes, bread, pizza dough.

The daily dose of oat bran

At least  3 tablespoons of oat bran.

For better results, the best dose is 1 tablespoon oat bran in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 in the evening. This is on Dr. Pierre Dukan advice.


The method for consumption of oat bran

The ideal way is to consume it (oat bran) during the nutrition, to be well mixed with foods. In this case, if you make pancakes, use only the egg white.

Because the diabetes is usually connected with overweight and fatness as well as with high cholesterol, oat bran is three times more useful.

Can oat bran be used for prophylaxis?

If you are young without diabetes but one of your parents had had it, you ought to know that oat bran is a good and reliable friend. If your heredity is bilateral, not consumption of oat bran would be a risk.

Tests for oat bran

Oat bran makes the movements of quick sugars slow. If you include a great dose of it in your nutrition, you won’t lose anything, you will only win. The earlier you start eating oat bran, the longer you will live being healthy, Dr Pierre Dukan is sure.

How much oat bran is necessary for the phase I am in?

Dr. Pierre Dukan suggests the next table for taking oat bran in separate phases:

1.    5 tablespoons per day in the phase  “Protein Attack”

2 tablespoons per day in “Mixed Regime”

2.    5 tablespoons  per day in “Consolidation”

3 tablespoons per day in the phase “Final Stabilization”

Why does oat bran form the sense of fullness?

The stomach stretches, when it is full, the nervous branching in it gives the information to the brain about satiety, says Dr. Pierre Dukan and we stop eating any more.

The famous silicon stomach ring is created on this base, which challenges this sense .Thus, the stomach may be full with only some bites  and the brain will be deluded that you are already sated enough.

How does oat bran manage to delude the stomach?

The solubility of the fibres makes wonders. Only some tablespoons of oat bran are enough to fill the stomach. As we remembered, fibres of oat bran increase its volume to 40 times. If suppose that 3 tablespoons of oat bran increase the volume 25 times, it makes about a kilogram (2,2 lb.) which is a mass occupying the quite big part of the stomach, says Dr. Pierre Dukan.

What is the right way of consumption of oat bran in the Dukan Diet?

Oat bran must be taken at the start of each nutrition with much water! Because in other cases, consumed without water, it won’t increase its volume and the desirable effect of fullness won’t be achieved.

That’s why Dr. Pierre Dukan recommends drinking much water every day to have the effect from the diet.

Recipes with oat bran

Dukan pancakes

The salty pancake “Dr. Pierre Dukan”

Necessary products:

-A tablespoon and half of oat bran

-A tablespoon and half of low-fat cottage cheese

-One egg white

-Salt, black pepper, thyme, rosemary etc. /choose the spices yourself for your taste /

The way of cooking

Mix oat bran with cottage cheese and an egg white. Add spices which are prepared by your taste. Make a pancake.

Take a frying pan which is previously greased by sesame oil or another kind of oil.

Bake both sides. Each side is baked about a minute and half.

Eat it with unsalty fish, turkey ham,chicken fillet.

The sweet pancake “Dr. Pierre Dukan”

Necessary products:

-A tablespoon and half of oat bran

-A tablespoon and half of low-fat cottage cheese

-1 egg white

-Vanilla, cinnamon, lemon flavor

-Artificial sweetener

The way of cooking:

Mix oat bran with some cottage cheese and add an egg white. Stir again to get the homogeneous mass. Add a synthetic sweetener too.

Make a pancake, take a greased with sesame oil or another oil frying pan. Fry both sides about a minute and half.

If you wish you can spread some dietetic hot chocolate on the pancake.

The effect of consumption of pancakes:

Pancakes have relaxing and curative effect. The Dr. Pierre Dukan method is based on too slow carbohydrate which has a saturated taste as well as the pancake itself has a pleasant taste, giving enjoyment.

The pancake influences decreasing cholesterol, regulates separation, strengthen peristalsis and passability of intestines.

It oppresses hunger and regulates body mass.








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