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The preparation of the drink: 1,5  liter boiled water, 10 tablespoons palm syrup, 10 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon , 5 pinches of hot red pepper or ginger. The drink is for a person 110 pounds of weight. The correlation is counted as 2, 2 pounds are equal to 30 ml, so a 220 -pound person needs 3 liters.

-The drink is drunk during the whole day, when and how much you want.

-The best effect is when the procedure is made 10 days, as a classic version, but it can be made 3 or 5 days. 22 pounds can be taken down. Afterwards ,  how  long  was the diet, so long would be feeding.


Feeding: it begins in an interstitial day, then you consume only boiled rice-50 gr. is boiled in 500 ml. of water. The amount is divided for the whole day and if necessary it may be sweetened with syrup. The first day fresh is taken, the second day the vegetable juice is added, after that vegetable soups, teas are following. In 5-6 days you can consume unsalty olives and fatless cheese, to the end baked chicken, fish are already allowed. All the time round you can drink some syrup as a sweetener or between meals.

-During feeding salt is forbidden because it keeps water in the body. You can change vinegar with lemon and vegetable oil with olive oil for salads and soups instead of spices.

-For those who don’t want to stop meals, the consumption of the syrup is 30 minutes before each meal. (1 teaspoon of  boiled water , 2 tablespoons of syrup , 2 tablespoons of lemon, 1 pinch of black pepper or ginger.)

-You can make one relieved day which is once a week.

Before starting the diet with palm syrup the cleansing with English salt is made.

Before starting the diet, you must cleanse the organism with English salt -1 packet is dissolved   in 300 ml. of water, the water must be boiled.

-You can drink this drink thirty minutes after cleansing.




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