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Grapes are sweet berries. The common opinion is that people get fat from this sweet product. The modern dietitians think that this opinion is wrong and they suggest variants of the diets based on the usage of grapes. You only must know what amount and with which products are eaten, in order to take off the fatty depots from the body! For example, don’t drink water or juice after eating grapes because it will give the internal edemas.


The suggested grapes diet is one of the most effective methods for weight loss in the fall.

What are the precious qualities of grapes?

Nobody would dispute the useful qualities of grapes, confessed for ages:

 rich contents of fruit acids, tannic, pectinous and coloring substances (anthocyanins), sugars, vitamins (C,B1) and minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium); improve digestion;

 have a  good effect on cardio-vascular  and cerebral diseases  because they gain in health the walls of blood vessels;

do stronger the immune system;

useful at hypertonia, kidney problems, gout, arthritis, vigilance, eye inflammation etc.

a grape with weight of 100 gr. gives only 60 large calories; the sweet berry of the grapes increase the separation of the secretion from respiratory canals and relieve the sputum, that’s why they are useful at bronchitis; the treatment with grapes helps cystitis, the liver illnesses and rheumatism.

The description of the diet

Grapes will cleanse stored up toxins from the organism and find necessary antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to make you healthy and beautiful.

Besides, this grapes diet improves the function of the alimentary canal.

Duration of the diet

4 days

The results of the diet

2, 2-4, 4 pounds

Daily menus

The first day

Breakfast: fruit salad from 100 gr. of grapes, half of orange, 1 tablespoon oat bran, 1 teaspoon of sunflower seeds and 150 gr. of low-fat yoghurt

The second breakfast: 1 glass of grapes juice

Lunch: 50 gr. of smoked turkey fillet, 1 handful of crushed small nuts, 100 gr. grapes

Dinner: 300 gr. of stewed vegetables, 100 gr. of grapes


The second day

Breakfast:  1 bowl (200 gr.) low-fat yoghurt,

1 tablespoon of lemon juice, little grated lemon peel and 100 gr. of grapes

The second breakfast: 1 glass of grapes

Lunch:1 bowl of boiled rice, 100 gr. of baked fish, 100 gr. of grapes

Dinner:1 carrot, Boiled potatoes, 100 gr. of grapes

The third day


1 slice of granular bread spread with mustard, 50 gr. of cheese and arranged with cut in half berries of the grapes

The second breakfast:

100 gr. of grapes

Lunch: 1 salad by choice, 100 gr. of grapes

Dinner: 200 gr. of grilled chicken, half of cucumber,

1 tomato, 100 gr. of grapes

The fourth day

Breakfast: 1 slice of granular bread with cottage cheese, arranges with cut in half berries of the grapes

The second breakfast: 100 gr. of grapes

Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 bowl of low-fat yoghurt with 100 gr. of grapes and 1 tablespoon of honey

Dinner: 200 gr. of stewed broccoli, 50 gr. of turkey meat, 100 gr. of grapes







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