The way for using of the site

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The way for using of the site

We should remind that the data published on the pages of the site have only informative character and only your physician can define the concrete treatment of your suffering. Some information may be not current or it has an advertising character. Any part of information, published in this site, mustn’t be regarded by visitors as a medical advice or as recommendations and instructions for correct carrying out of the individual treatment. Use the pages of the site only as information but not as a kind of treatment which you apply.


Information published in the site

Never start using medicines which are reminded or discussed in this site without consulting directly your curing physician. Don’t take any medicines without consulting your doctor, even if they are recommended as treatment on the pages of the site for condition similar to yours and even if it is recommended by a consulting expert during an individual online consultation through the site.

Published opinions

The publications in this site are in different form: personal opinions of occasional visitors and opinions of different experts. Each of these opinions must be perceived as the subjective ones. The publishers can’t guarantee authenticity and comprehension of each of these opinions.

Paid publications

On the site there can be published the information prepared by the third sides which can have a commercial character and it can influence, directly or indirectly, on your opinion as a customer of stocks and services. The publishers aren’t responsible for comprehension and validity of such information.

Warnings to the visitors of the site

The visitor (user)of Internet page declares that he/she uses it  for his own responsibility  and neither compilers nor somebody else, took part in writing of information,  are responsible for appearance of direct or indirect damages after using it. The same concerns other Internet pages in which one can enter by means of hyperlinks from the present site.

The publishers are not responsible for any harm for your health or damages appeared in the connection with your visit of this site and access to information published in it. The publishers are not responsible for any problems with your computer equipment which happened in the result of the access to the present website and its use.

The Declaration of agreement for conditions of using the site

Through using of this site you declare that you are well grounded in with given above conditions and you agree with them.

For the actual information you must ask your GP or an expert. You always have to ask your GP. Without his/her intervention don’t take therapy yourself. For medical questions and instructions about using of patent medicines and medicines refer only to your physician or pharmacentist!




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